Who We serve

For Cultivators


Amota Group believes in relationships and sources biomass directly from farmers.  Whether you've just harvested or are looking for a forward contract for next season, Amota Group offers drying and storage services, sales contracts, distribution, and cultivation support.

For Extractors


We provide extractors with a consistent and reliable supply of biomass input to fill production schedules throughout the year.  Every biomass lot is tested by at least two labs and can be prepared to your specifications (milled, shucked, etc.).

For Wholesale Buyers


Amota Group has contractual relationships with extractors across the US.  Our broad network allows for speedy fulfillment of orders of any size.  Whether you're a wholesale extract buyer or looking to white label a product line, we've got you covered.

What We Do



Amota Group both contracts with farmers throughout the country, ensuring high quality inputs for our manufacturing partners and high quality extractions for our end buyers.



Every successful crop starts with reliable seed. Amota Group has spent years developing partnerships with the leading plant breeding and seed propagation companies in the country so that our farmers can rest easy.

Post-Harvest Services


Amota Group offers drying, trimming, packaging, and long term storage services at our southern Oregon processing facility. Whether you're a first time farmer or seasoned veteran, we're here to help every step of the way.



Whether you're a farmer or a raw ingredient buyer, finding a reliable processor can be challenging. Amota Group has partnered with high-capacity, GMP certified processors across the US to fulfill orders of any size.

Wholesale Trading


Amota Group has created regional inventories of biomass, crude oil, distillate and isolate extractions for large and small buyers alike. All of our wholesale biomass and extracted ingredients are rigorously tested, catalogued, and packaged for distribution.



Amota Group now offers white labelled products and retail distribution in select markets to launch your very own brand.  Our first brick and mortar stores will be opening in Chicago and NYC in 2020.

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