Amota Cultivator Network

How we add value for cultivators:

  • Post-Harvest services including hang drying, mechanical drying, trimming, packaging and long-term storage at our southern Oregon facility
  • Competitive market prices for harvested material
  • Cultivation support including seed sourcing, irrigation planning, harvesting resources, drying solutions
  • Regional intake facilities to minimize transportation costs
    • Highly secured and insured to cover material in possession
  • Fully compliant with state regulations including chain of custody report generation
  • Forward purchase contracts for the 2019 growing season
  • Ability to purchase “wet” material in 2019

As fellow farmers, Amota Group understands the challenges you face before and after harvest.  In addition to being a buyer, we have developed a suite of services to solve some of these problems.

Amota Group is actively buying flower and biomass lots from cultivators across the country.

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